PSAN Overview

Pakistan Social Accountability Network (PSAN) is a nationwide network of civil society organizations, citizen groups, academia, students and likeminded individuals to promote demand side accountability in the country. The goal of this network is to stand for and promote Social Accountability (SAc) through bridging policy research gap, building capacity of the stakeholders to use SAc tools, and lob

Vision & Mission

We envision a society aware of its constitutional rights and entitlements on access to quality public service delivery. A society that fully utilizes its right to information for public monitoring and that, through utilizing social accountability tools, proactively provides its feedback for accountability of public officials and political representatives. It not only ensures transparency in implem
Our mission is to strengthen people's capacity for implementing social accountability tools to highlight the existing situation of their access to and availability of quality public service delivery. We also aim to extend the civil society organizations, citizen groups, academia and general society at large a plat form to raise collective voice for institutionalization of social accountability pr